Opportunities Abound With Enterprise IoT Adoption

You ain't seen nothing yet.

That could very well be the theme song for the Internet of Things (IoT) and its use within the enterprise as the underpinning technologies—artificial intelligence, 5G, and advanced sensor technology—come into their own.  

Indeed, IoT has already impacted the way we work. Combining connected devices with automated systems makes it possible for organizations to collect deep levels of data, analyze it, and then use it to improve their offerings and customer experience.

For this installment of CMO Wants To Know, we asked five thought leaders about how enterprises can benefit from IoT technology, what to expect next, and tips for success. 

Robert Schmid
“The Internet of Things is changing not just how we work, but it’s changing people’s lives.”
Robert Schmid, Managing Director and Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Chief Futurist (aka “Mr. IoT”)

"From lower cost with more efficient supply chains to totally new user experiences, IoT tech continues to deliver ever-growing, usable data. With that new information, customer expectations are up, not just saving costs but creating new ways and connections to our customers. How do they use my product? When will my product fail? How I can help my customers? Those are all questions that we can now answer when we think about IoT as the gateway into our consumers’ minds and hearts by giving meaningful and wanted insights, help, and savings."

Matthias Heutger
“DHL is actively investing in IoT as a means to make supply chains more efficient, more resilient, faster, and more predictive.”
Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development, DHL

"IoT provides a tremendous degree of visibility and control in supply chains, greatly benefitting merchants by helping them to reduce loss, maintain product integrity, and make smarter, data-driven business decisions. As IoT applications mature and converge with artificial intelligence and 5G, the potential benefits are limitless. I’m excited to see how this technology will continue to influence the transformation of logistics."    

Antony McGregor
“As the awareness and demand for IoT grows, we’re starting to discover unexpected opportunities.”
Antony McGregor Dey, E-Commerce Director, Blue Fish Group

"The majority of our clients are in the manufacturing sector and are just beginning to modernize their technology solutions. IoT is absolutely top-of-mind. IoT has the potential to evolve into entirely new operating divisions and revenue streams for our clients.

"Some specific opportunities we’re exploring with our clients include adding IoT sensors to industrial filters to create a 'smart' component in legacy machinery; these sensors can report on machine performance and maintenance requirements. This can add incredible value to a client’s filtration product line for potentially only a couple of extra dollars per unit.

"An even bigger opportunity we see, though, is in the emerging software sector. IoT can enable legacy manufacturing to become data brokers for their customers—so not only the integration of IoT sensors, but the collection, management, and actioning of the data those sensors collect. This has the potential to create entirely new revenue streams and deeper relationships in the supply chain."

Andy Stanford-Clark
“The Internet of Things can help make sense of the raw data produced every minute by the thousands of connected devices that make up business operations, supply chains, and connected products.”
Andy Stanford-Clark, CTO, IBM, UK, and Ireland

"IoT technology, especially when paired with artificial intelligence technology, can improve resource efficiency and stimulate new thinking and innovation across organizations, industries, and societies."

Cleve Gibbon
“Over the past 50 years, our use of technology has radically shifted from mainframe computing—many people to one computer—to ubiquitous computing—many devices for one person.”
Cleve Gibbon, CTO, North America, Wunderman Thompson

"In doing so, the most significant benefit IoT has brought to companies is a deeper understanding of the human-centered design principles we need to deliver simple, scalable, and safe customer experiences in a world where ubiquitous computing is the new norm. Today you need to design technology to be inclusive, catering for all [dis]abilities; calm, enhancing human behaviour; platform-first, being as reliable and robust as electricity; and and agile, changing little and often based on learnings."

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