5 CX Mishaps That Real-Time Data Can Help Prevent

Data is the key to meeting consumers’ ever-growing customer expectations. So is meaningful, timely messaging to customers on the channels and platforms they prefer.

And because pictures often speak louder than words, we partnered with “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne to bring to life the importance of real-time data as well as a keen understanding of your customers. Below, you’ll find a collection of our cartoons that poke fun of some of the CX woes that consumers face. 

1. Right Channel, Right Time Is Critical

Right time, right place


2. Business Decisions Based On Old Data Can Be More Costly Than Making Decisions Without Any Data 

Old data


3. Build Cross-Channel Campaigns That Know What Your Customers Need Now

Cross-channel campaign management


4. Relevancy Is Key

Relevancy is key


5. And Remember...Data + Creativity = Buzzworthy


Marketers need the right data in order to understand and address the pain points that customers experience.

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