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The Future Of Work

The future of work is bubbling over with opportunities and new responsibilities for CMOs, CIOs, and others in the C-suite as customer experience management (CXM) and digital transformation continue to rule.

What’s in store for the future of work? Some of the highlights include:

  • Bright, exciting ideas from the youngest to the oldest of employees in the workforce. 
  • Shifts in organizational structure that empower workers and enable businesses to swifly innovate. 
  • Intelligent technologies that free staff to more significantly contribute to their companies’ growth by giving them back time to think more critically and creatively.

So much to think about, we know. This new collection about the future of work strives to set you in the right direction. Read on. 

Future Of Work: Forget Geography, Embrace The Generations, And Adapt To Adapting

The workplace never stands still, but right now you can feel the ground shifting underneath your feet.

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How This Company’s Flat Org Structure Empowers Employees

Flat may very well be the future “shape” of our industry. At least it is at Chicago-based digital agency Punchkick Interactive, where there is no hierarchy, no bosses, and employees choose their own job titles.

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Meet Your Future Employees: Generation Z

This first generation of digital natives will arrive at work with a different outlook on business norms, an appetite for innovation, and a desire for continuous learning that can energize digital transformations. Here’s what you need to know.

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What Will The Future Of Work Look Like?

Industry thought leaders paint a picture of a technology-empowered workforce where automation frees employees from the mundane and enables them to be more creative and effective at their jobs.

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Generation Z

They’re young, mobile, and entrepreneurial, and they are destined to change the workforce as we know it.

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How Diversity And Inclusion Drive Business Value

When combined with efforts to create a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that encourages the participation and contribution of all employees, workplace diversity leads to real business ROI on a number of fronts.

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CIOs: The New ‘Chief Enablers’ Of Digital Transformation

Their behind-the-scenes days long gone, the role of today’s chief information officers has evolved to lead their organizations into a new era.

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Emerging Tech Changes Everything

Emerging technology can create friction and challenge the culture of an organization. It can alter the balance of power within an enterprise. But know this: Standing still is essentially the same as moving backward.

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This Is How To Build The Modern Enterprise

Digital technology has disrupted the organization. But rather than cower, business leaders from all corners of the C-suite have zeroed in on their new mission: to build the modern enterprise. Step one? Aligning all teams—HR, data science, marketing, sales, finance—around what’s best for the customer.

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7 Ways Business Leaders Can Foster Their Teams’ Creativity

Creativity, as we all know, is about the big idea, but it encompasses an innate ability to problem solve, too. And it also requires business leaders across an organization to motivate their teams to fire on all creative cylinders.

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