The 2019 State Of Travel & Hospitality

Research shows people are willing to pay more for standout experiences. In the world of travel and hospitality, that takes on double meaning, and it begins long before travelers stuff their suitcases and hit the road—with a variety of digital devices in tow, of course. For marketers, the opportunity to assist travelers at each leg of their journeys, across touch points, platforms, and channels, and in a way that’s personal, memorable, and real-time, is vast. 

With summer getting close, we decided it was a good time to dive into the latest T&H trends. Among our articles: new ways technology is enhancing the travel experience, evolving consumer behaviors and expectations, and brands that embody what it means to memorably connect to customers.

Post-Hurricane Maria, Discover Puerto Rico Attracts Back Travelers

Talk about an amazing recovery story: Fourteen months after the category 5 hurricane devastated Puerto Rico, lodging demand for the first quarter of 2019 was back on par with 2017 levels. Over the next year, Discover Puerto Rico CMO Leah Chandler expects the island to lean into that momentum and see continued growth.

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Personalization Strategies For The Next-Generation Traveler

Travel brands that currently operate as experience-based businesses understand the promise and impact of personalization. But personalization for personalization’s sake isn’t the right strategy.

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Travel 2.0 Takes Flight

For airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and others, opportunities abound to take marketing, sales, and the travel experience to greater heights

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Digital Trends In Travel & Hospitality

For travel and hospitality brands, providing superb experiences starts long before their customers’ trips even begin.

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Travel Trends: On The Go With Gen Z

Forecast to be the largest group of consumers by 2020, Gen Z'ers are digital natives ready to conquer the world. Now the onus falls on travel marketers to understand where they want to go and, more importantly, what kinds of experiences they want to have.

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Two Hotel Brands That Have Mastered Influencer Marketing

In the era of celebrity endorsements and the Insta-famous, influencer marketing is having a moment.

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Behind The Scenes Of MGM Resorts’ Digital Transformation

For MGM Resorts, digital transformation has been about addressing the gap between marketing and IT–a gap that the company’s chief digital officer, Kelly Smith, calls “digital product capabilities.”

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