The 2019 State Of Customer Experience

Customer experience is the name of the game. Organizations across the globe are making formal commitments to place customers at the heart of everything they do, serving relevant, personalized, and in-context communications, products, and services to people where and when they want them.

And the best part: It pays to be customer-centric. Research shows that companies committed to CX have higher brand awareness, higher average order value, higher customer retention, higher return on spend, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

This month CMO.com examines CX from all angles: how to build its framework, who should be on the CX team, customer experience management, and which strategies bring companies the most success. Read on to learn more on why making experience your business is good for business.

The Next Phase Of Commerce: Retailers Move Toward Experience

It might sound counterintuitive, but for retailers the days of a sell, sell, sell commerce strategy are so, so, so history.

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Intuit VP: Great CX Is A Mix Of Data And Creativity

In this exclusive interview with CMO.com, Lauren Stafford-Webb talks about how Intuit is in its marketing and business transformation.

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Tech Vendor Vs. In-House: Which One’s Right For Your Brand?

The insource vs. outsource tech debate may not be new, but it is becoming increasingly louder as data ownership, governance, and customer experience management (CXM) take center stage in the C-suite.

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Customer Experience Is The New Brand Currency

The only way to nail customer experience across touch points is by developing and implementing a sound customer experience management (CXM) strategy, according to Amit Ahuja, VP of ecosystem development at Adobe.

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6 Ways CMOs Can Build Customer Trust

More than ever, it’s important for companies—and their CMOs—to view trust as a competitive advantage.

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Real-Time Data Fuels Customer Experience Management

While it’s clear that businesses compete based on customer experience, a good deal of uncertainty exists about what an effective CXM strategy looks like.

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What Steven Spielberg Can Teach Experiential Marketers

Investing in experiential involves creating pop-up events that bring brands to life for the individual and deliver huge reach, yet doing so is not always easy to pull off. Here are some tips for generating a Spielberg-like splash with your experiential marketing.

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CIOs: The New ‘Chief Enablers’ Of Digital Transformation

Their behind-the-scenes days long gone, the role of today’s chief information officers have evolved to lead their organizations into a new era.

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10 Essential Skills Every CXM Team Needs

Once the roles are outlined, the good news is you likely won’t have to look far to fill them.

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IMAX: An ‘Unabashed Enthusiast’ For Shared Experiences

IMAX CMO Denny Tu was instrumental in designing the company’s new brand strategy, which saw the company cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office. In this exclusive interview with CMO.com, Tu discusses his plans to ensure audiences continue to embrace the power of the “IMAX experience.”

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Early Lessons From Brands Embracing CXM

Make no mistake: The cross-organizational imperative to orchestrate and personalize experiences across channels and touch points in real time is a huge undertaking.

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This Is How To Build The Modern Enterprise

Business leaders from all corners of the C-suite have zeroed in on their new mission: to build the modern enterprise. Step one? Aligning all teams—HR, data science, marketing, sales, finance—around what’s best for the customer.

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The Insights Revolution Will Help Deliver Exceptional Experiences

But what specifically about this revolution is turning CX on its head? And what do those trends mean for companies that want to leverage and unlock insights to deliver exceptional digital experiences?

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New Life In Marketing: Embracing Hyper-Relevance In Retail

In the face of challenging times for retailers, there’s little denying the pressure that CMOs face to prove their value. Yet our view is that there has never been a better time to be a retail CMO.

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5 Brands That Centered Digital Transformation Around Customers

A keen focus on customer experience is helping enterprises compete and win in today’s highly competitive business landscape. That was one of the main takeaways from Adobe Summit—The Digital Experience Conference.

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Next Stop In Digital Transformation: Experience 2.0

Some businesses already have established the foundation for providing great experiences, with the right people, process, and technology in place. What’s next? 

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The Changing Role Of The CMO In The Age Of Customer Experience

Chief marketers have long kept customers in their direct line of sight—arguably more than any other position in the C-suite. As this customer-centric mindset spreads across their companies, so, too, have their roles.

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Millennials Have Higher Expectations For CX Than Older Generations

The younger the consumer, the higher their expectations for the companies they engage with.

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