How Moshtix Transformed Its Ticketing Business

Moshtix is Australia’s leading independent ticketing provider. But, according to Kevin Cooper, head of marketing and innovation, its success lies in more than just selling tickets.

“Moshtix has always been very service-oriented. We’re known for going above and beyond, and that’s why we’ve always been involved in the full event life cycle, not just the ticketing side of it,” Cooper says.

Of course, that starts with having a strong marketing strategy. Knowing your audience and adjusting to suit them also is vital. For Moshtix, the customer journey no longer ends once a person has purchased a ticket. For example the platform now offers its expertise to promoters as to what music fans want.

“When you look at promoters, they’re very much focused on the customer experience of the event. So, yes, they get the word out there, but marketing is itself moving so quickly these days, it’s hard for someone to keep up if they’re also focusing on what acts or venues to book,” Cooper says. “ ... So it’s up to the platforms and distributors to come in and do some of that heavy-lifting for them.”

Over the years, Moshtix has doubled down on its digital differentiation, from creating one of the first Australian digital resale features to using social media channels to assist and engage users. Moshtix, says Cooper, has never been afraid to adapt.

Tune in as The CMO Show hosts Mark Jones and Nicole Manktelow talk to Cooper about how Moshtix became a leading brand in its industry. He also offers advice about how to remain ahead of the curve as the competition catches up. (Interview begins at 4:15)

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