The 2019 State Of Mobile

Mobile has been part of the marketing conversation since CMO.com launched nearly 10 years ago. Back then, prospects of a growing number of users and device types was big news, and terms such as geofencing and showrooming were entering the venacular. What’s more, prescient marketing and technology leaders were acknowleging mobile’s potential to transform the customer experience. 

These days, more than 3 million people across the globe use smartphones. “Seamless” and “consistent” are arguably two of the biggest buzzwords to describe the type of experience consumers expect as they switch from one device to the next. And all the while, numerous emerging technologies are changing the entire mobile landscape. That’s mobile in a nutshell, but what’s inside matters just a much. In this month’s series on mobile, we crack open the details. Read on. 

In Search Of A Killer Mobile Experience

What differentiates the good from the great? First, it’s vital to recognize that interfaces and features that paid dividends a few years ago don’t necessarily deliver benefits today. As standards have changed, so have ideas about what produces a great mobile experience.

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Voice Ads Are More Engaging Than Other Formats, Consumers Say

The proliferation of voice-activated technology is giving new life to audio-based advertising, according to a new study by Adobe. (CMO.com is owned by Adobe.)

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Mobile

Much has changed since cell-phone inventor Martin Cooper placed the first mobile call in 1973.

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5 Consumer Trends That Are Shaping Digital Content Consumption

Walk into any establishment today, and it’s almost certain you’ll see plenty of people looking at their smartphones. This increase in smartphone usage is directly influencing consumer content consumption habits, according to a new study by Adobe.

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5 Technology Trends That Will Reshape Customer Experience

The emerging technologies of today will be powering the customer experiences of tomorrow—many of which will be enabled by the smartphones most consumers carry with them day in and day out.

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Mobile Spend Soars For The 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

From Nov. 22 through Nov. 26, consumer spent $24.2 billion shopping online, according to Adobe Digital Insights. But perhaps the bigger story is that mobile spend accounted for 41.7% of the overall total.

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5G To Shape The Future Of Mobile

While the exact types of new applications that 5G will spur remain to be seen, experts in the technology have identified the following four use cases where it can enable the world of what’s possible.

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APAC Marketers Flip Traditional Video Approach

Vertical video, produced in portrait mode, is providing a new angle on the way consumers view digital content, including advertising, via their mobile devices

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Mobile And The Gift Of Time-Considerate Experiences

Time is money. So it’s little wonder why consumers are increasingly responding to brands that can streamline their everyday activities and prioritize time efficiency in their experiences.

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