The 2018 State Of Media & Entertainment

By the time we ring in 2023, more than two-thirds of the global population will have a subscription to mobile Internet service, and most likely on a high-speed connection, according to PwC. The implications are astounding, particularly for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, whose digital transformation has been, perhaps, more pronounced than for any other business sector and very much in sync with consumers’ expectations for content at their disposal.

What will it take for M&E brands to succeed now and going forward? The answer involves a combination of factors, which continues to evolve along with advances in technology, engagement strategies, and sheer imagination. Read on as we examine them all in this month’s special series about the state of media and entertainment.  

Marketers Plugging Into Massive Momentum For E-Sports

For the uninitiated, e-sports might seem like a passive pastime—perhaps a group of “Call Of Duty” fans gathered around a computer to watch others compete in the popular title via video-streaming site Twitch. It’s anything but.

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What’s The Biggest Growth Opportunity For M&E Brands?

The M&E industry is no stranger to digital disruption. In fact, it was one of the first industries to experience it. The brands that have made it this far have embraced the opportunity. And plenty more--meaning disruption and opportunity--awaits, according to industry experts.

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Filmmakers Set The Scene For Successful Storytelling

Who better to advise marketers looking to call “action” on video than directors and creatives from the world of film? CMO.com spoke to some of the best in the business to get their take on how to communicate through film.

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BT’s CX Strategy Is Backed By Its Own Type Of Data Plan

Bob McNinch is an executive with a lot of data to decipher. But BT’s director of digital and data for the telecom giant’s multibillion-dollar business and public-sector division loves the challenge of combining data from disparate sources to provide an unrivalled experience for the company’s customers.

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6 Brands That Have Mastered The Art Of Storytelling

Consumers’ ability to share their stories with the world every day on multiple channels and platforms has led to the democratization of publishing. And where consumers go, so do brands.

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Digital Trends In Media & Entertainment

Few industries understand digital disruption, and its profound impact on consumer behavior, as well as the M&E world. These companies embraced the challenge and have become even more creative with their marketing and content strategies.

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5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Media And Entertainment

While the M&E industry is one of the first sectors of business to have to navigate digital disruption, its transformation is far from over. That’s the key finding of PwC’s annual “2018 Media & Entertainment Outlook,” which projects that industry revenues will reach $792.3 billion by 2022.

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Media Brands Lean On Emerging Tech To Reinvigorate Storytelling

Emerging technology is all around us, as brands test, experiment, and make big bets on augmented and virtual reality, voice, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and the like. For the M&E industry, specifically, the use cases involve new forms of storytelling to appeal to younger and connected audiences.

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5G To Shape The Future Of Mobile

While the exact types of new applications that 5G will spur remain to be seen, experts in the technology have identified the following four use cases where it can enable the world of what’s possible.

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At The Financial Times, Integration Grabs The Headlines

The Financial Times’ transition from a printed newspaper to a digital content business is one of the internet era’s publishing success stories. A key figure in that move has been chief communications and marketing officer Darcy Keller.

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USA Today President: Be ‘Comfortable With Discomfort’

Maribel Perez Wadsworth is committed to building an agile organization. Step one: Fostering a pioneering culture.

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3 Ways NASCAR Is Using Emerging Tech To Attract Younger Audiences

Indeed, other sporting leagues are on a similar track as they compete for Millennial time and attention. But according to Tim Clark, VP of media at NASCAR, his company has figured out the secret to appealing to youngsters.

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Cineworld Sets The Scene For A ‘World Of More’

Europe’s second-largest cinema operator is tearing up the traditional cinema rulebook by digitising both its operations and marketing to compete in what it sees as an increasingly competitive, out-of-home leisure market. Justin Skinner, SVP of marketing, takes us behind the curtains.

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