CMO.com’s Top 20 Most Popular Articles Of 2018

CMO.com publishes insights, expertise, and inspiration for and by customer experience professionals. If these articles—our most popular, still-resonating content in 2018—are any indication, topics including experience design, artificial intelligence, mobile, e-commerce, and leadership will remain at the center of executives’ radar screens going forward. The same goes for emerging technology, measurement, and agile marketing methodologies as we enter 2019—the era of experience business 2.0. 

1. 6 Trends Shaping The Future Of Experience Design
In our coverage of Adobe MAX in October 2018, Albert Shum, CVP of design at Microsoft, shared six key trends that are shaping the future of experience design. Shum spoke about a need for coherent, meaningful design experiences, as well as new tools and technology changing design as we know it.
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2. 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is already changing the business landscape. In this edition of “15 Mind-Blowing Stats,” we looked at the current state of AI and what lies ahead.
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3. 10 Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2018
CMO.com contributing writer Mercedes M. Cardona did a deep dive into the trends that were hot in 2018, such as tech-enabled creativity, mobile, and digital TV.
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4. In India, The Future Of Mobile Video Is Bite-Sized
In our February series about mobile, InMobi CRO and co-founder Abhay Signal spoke about mobile’s integral part of the day-to-day life of Indian consumers and how it’s changing the way content is consumed.
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5. 5 Online Holiday Shopping Predictions
Based on an analysis of aggregated and anonymized data via Adobe Analytics and also companion research of over 1,000 consumers in the United States, Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) predicted the following five online holiday shopping trends.
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6. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Transformation Leaders
Contributing writer Kristin Burnham spoke to nine executives and thought leaders about what makes good leaders great, the habits that inform success, and specific skills executives must hone to be effective transformation leaders.
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7. 6 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences
In the earlier part of 2018, CMO.com took a look at the emerging technologies that would transform business and allow us to be more connected, creative, and productive than ever before. While some of these technologies made a big splash in 2018, others might come more into the mainstream in 2019.
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8. 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About GDPR
In August we took a look at privacy—GDPR, specifically—to see where our industry was in terms of compliance and how consumers felt about the regulation.
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9. 7 Content Consumption Trends That All Digital Leaders Need To Understand
The pressure is on for brands that want to meet their customers wherever they are. And they are everywhere, proficient at digital technology and demanding superior experiences across all touch points—including emerging channels and platforms.  
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10. 12 ‘Millennial-Minded’ Trends For 2018
According to this contributed column by Amanda Slavin, CEO and founder at CatalystCreativ, Millennials are less a demographic and more a psychographic.
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11. 6 Brands That Have Mastered The Art Of Storytelling
From short films to magazines to social video and more, brands have turned into content creators in their own right, competing for consumers’ time and attention—not just their wallets. Back in July, we took a look at six brands that have successfully made the move from selling to telling, doing so in unique and interesting ways.
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12. What Will The Future Of Work Look Like?
What exactly will the workplace of the future look like? We posed that question to a group of industry thought leaders. Their responses painted a picture of a technology-empowered workforce where automation frees employees from the mundane and enables them to be more creative and effective at their jobs.
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13. 7 Ways Brands Are Adapting Their Stories To Instagram
Michelob Ultra, LG, Nordstrom Rack, and J. Crew are among the brands that experimented with Instagram Stories this year. We took a deep dive into the format and why it works.
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14. 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Digital Trends In Travel And Hospitality
In our May edition of “15 Mind-Blowing Stats,” we shone the spotlight on travel and hospitality, with findings that showed just how much of a role digital plays in both the lives of travelers and the companies that service them.
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15. 10 Ways Digital Leaders Can Protect Their Teams From Burnout
Employees involved in digital transformation efforts are particularly susceptible to unmitigated stress, prompting up to examine workplace burnout and how digital leaders can avoid it.
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16. Experts Weigh In On The Future Of Advertising
What’s in store for the future of advertising? CMO.com spoke to leading players from the brand, agency, publisher, and ad-tech worlds, who pointed to six big-picture trends.
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17. 7 Predictions About The Future Of Advertising
But, wait, there's more! For this installment of our “CMO.com Wants To Know” series, we reached out to industry experts to get a better picture of what advertising will look like in the next 10 years or so.
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18. Agile Is The Mindset Of The Modern Marketing Organization
This article examines three brands (3M, Aetna, and CarMax) that have put agile in action—and how doing so put their ability to innovate on the fast track.
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19. Top 10 Predictions For The Digital Future
In our March coverage of Adobe Summit, Constellation Research founder Ray Wan and Adobe’s Tamara Gaffney outlined the top trends experience makers can expect over the next year.
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20. Emerging Tech Adds Emotional Layer To Existing Measurement Framework
From voice and facial-recognition tech to artificial intelligence and biometrics, brands can, for the first time, not only measure engagement, but they can also measure emotion and how a particular experience made someone feel. We identified some new metrics to consider as well as some of the ways that brands are already measuring emotion.
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