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2019: Trends, Predictions & New Opportunities

Past, present, and future come together as 2018 becomes one for the (e)books. Emboldened by cutting-edge technologies, a renewed emphasis on creativity, mega-volumes of data, and a level of innovation that stretches far across the workplace, we’ve certainly come far in 12 months. And, as this special series can attest, all signs show we’re ready to outdo ourselves once again this year.   

5 Ways Marketers Can Prioritize Creativity In 2019

Now that having data and a single customer view are table stakes, a keen focus on both the data and creativity is what will help brand marketers standout among the competition.

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5 Technologies That Stole The Show At CES 2019

When we set aside some of the more unusual offerings from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, some persistent themes emerge that provide a clear signal about where technology is heading over the next few years and the exciting implications for experience designers and marketers.

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2019 Transformation Trend: Use Vision To Make Your Strategy Stick

Developing a vision that pays off requires a perfect blend of right- and left-brain techniques–a precise understanding of the market context and the imagination to create a future that solves for it.

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Retail Reimagined For The New Year

Ambitious retailers must do two things in 2019 if they are to thrive.

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Executives Are Eyeing These 2019 Consumer Trends

It’s that time of the year again, when CMO.com poses a single, forward-looking question to a slew of brands, industry experts, and thought leaders we’ve spoken to in previous months for our articles.

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5 Holiday Online Shopping Trends To Guide Your 2019 Strategy

While the holiday season is behind us, the insights from consumer online shopping trends from the period between Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018, can be useful in guiding e-commerce and marketing strategies all year long.

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The 5 Biggest Marketing Trends For 2019

In this new age of customer experience, a combination of data and creativity is going to set the leaders apart from the laggards. But that’s not all.

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Why An Account-Based Experience Strategy Is Now A B2B Must

Account-based programs is not just about marketing. They requires coordinating an ecosystem of teams to deliver cohesive experiences to our top enterprise customers.

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Automation, API Solutions High On APAC IT Wish-Lists For 2019

All IT decision-makers start the new year with a wish-list of products and services they believe will improve their operations and bottom lines.

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12 Memorable Brand Campaigns In 2018

In an age when consumers can binge-watch ad-free programming and block most ads on their screens, breaking through with a campaign is a real brand achievement.

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How Blockchain Will Change Marketing In 2019

Among the many notables of 2018, more and more marketers are understanding what blockchain can do for their businesses. This could be the year they put that know-how to work.

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This Futurist Is ‘Also A Bit Of A Traditionalist’

Customers won’t buy into a digital solution unless they can spot the empathetic value behind it, says Anders Sorman-Nilsson.

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3 AI-Driven Strategies For Retailers In 2019

Artificial intelligence is reinventing the retail industry as we know it. From personalized customer experiences across digital touch points to improved product management, this powerful area of computing is helping retailers up their relevance, efficiency, and, ultimately, their bottom line.

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5 Interesting Ways Brands Used Emerging Technology In 2018

Emerging technologies, such as voice, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and chatbots, are making it possible for companies to bring to life ideas, products, and programs that may have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

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6 Retailers That Went Experiential In 2018

Retailers realize they have to compete for every shopper. While many continue to spend huge sums on TV campaigns, experiential marketing adds a buzz factor that gets consumers talking about old brands in new ways.

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