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The State Of Mobile

No matter whose mobile research is making headlines, the numbers tell a consistent story of a smartphone-led, connected way of life in which “always-on” is—or will be—a given for both consumers and businesses. 

Another given: A customer-experience strategy without mobile is no strategy at all. As we head into a 5G world, early-adopter brands from all walks of industry are furthering the conversation by experimenting with technologies that differentiate the experiences they create.

Without a doubt, the possibilities are astounding—as our special monthly series on mobile bears out—and they’re paving the way for others not yet foreseen.

3 Ways AI Can Make The Most Of Your Mobile Data

AI has the ability to help companies understand their customers’ mobile behaviors and enrich the customer experience they have on their devices. For digital leaders, that value cannot be overstated.

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APAC Gets The Chat-App Message

We take a look at the most popular chat apps in the Asia Pacific region, their closest competitors, and the opportunities for marketers to converse with their audiences.

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Mobile Maturity Means More Than Just An App And Website

With the advent of newer technologies, such as AI and VR, the next decade of mobility promises to be even more transformative than the first, according to a new study by Adobe.

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Mindfulness And The Importance Of Digital Disengagement

The age-old practices of mindfulness and meditation are becoming valuable tools for digital leaders and their teams to survive—and thrive—in the modern business era.

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In The Mobile CX Moment: ‘Kiiping’ Up With Brian Wong

It’s a hard-knock life for startups, especially in the very early days. Research shows that over 50% of startups fail within their first five years of business.

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Smartphone Visits Are Becoming More Valuable, Says ADI

Online retail has long lamented the smartphone visit-to-revenue gap. The fact is, it remains a challenge. But every cloud has a silver lining, according to “A Mobile-First World,” a new report from Adobe Digital Insights.

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How To Market The Driverless-Car Experience

For automotive marketers who have long sold cars based on the “driving experience,” the advent of the autonomous vehicle presents an interesting branding challenge.

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Mobile Momentum Signals New OOH Opportunities

The potential for location-targeted mobile advertising can be fully unlocked when it is combined with OOH’s understanding of today’s connected consumer on the move.

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Here’s How Emerging Technologies Are Redefining Mobile

Emerging technologies are amazing in their own right. Taken one step further, their potential to breathe new life into the mobile space is huge, possibly leading to the point where, experts say, consumers might not even need a screen at all to interact with their devices.

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Assisted By AI, Mobile Search Is Finding Its Voice

Now that text-based mobile search has reached adulthood—it officially surpassed desktop nearly three years ago—we’re experiencing yet another watershed moment for mobile search, accelerated by artificial intelligence technologies, such as deep learning and natural language processing.

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Inside Sprint’s Digital Transformation Journey

“For us, transformation has meant spending some money to have a longer-term, better customer experience,” says Sprint CDO Rob Roy. More specifically, that has entailed changes and investment in five areas.

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Mobile

Much has changed since cell-phone inventor Martin Cooper placed the first mobile call in 1973.

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5 Brands That Have Mastered The Mobile Experience

Mobile consumption numbers are only going to go up, making it imperative for brands to get the experience right.

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Mobile Revenues Hit Record High This Holiday Season

Mobile also accounted for 52% of traffic to retail websites during the holidays, according to Adobe Digital Insights

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T-Mobile’s Digital Transformation Carried By Customer Obsession (Video)

How customers feel about their interactions with the telecom giant is the primary metric for its success, said Nick Drake, EVP of marketing and experience.

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The Future Of Commerce Is Mobile

M-commerce has had a huge impact on shopper habits in the last few years, and it’s not slowing down.

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5 Companies That Took Web Experience To The Next Level

First impressions are said to be the most lasting. In a digital world, they often begin when a consumer lands on a company’s website. And if that experience is superb, it can lead to a multitude of subsequent, long-lasting engagements.

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