These Days, Everyone’s On The Hook For CX

As more companies make experience their business, they are also coming to the conclusion that everyone across the organization is responsible for customer experience, not just the marketing department. That includes unusual suspects including community relations, sustainability, and talent aquisition teams. 

At last month’s CES, Adobe met up with executives from various disciplines for a series of podcasts in which they discuss their roles in the customer experience. Tune in.

Andrea Wood, Director of Community Relations, Best Buy
Andrea Wood is dedicated to improving communities and creating opportunities for future generations. Wood discusses some of the learnings from the opening of Best Buy’s 14th Teen Tech Center in Las Vegas, where it is creating experiences for underserved teens and preparing them for the tech-reliant jobs of the future. 

Gwen Migita, Chief Sustainability Officer, Caesars
Caesars experiences reach well beyond slot machines and gaming tables. Gwen Migita joined us to talk about how the company tackles each avenue—from hospitality, events, and policy work to diversity inclusion, environmental sustainability work, and even philanthropy.

Dalila Wilson-Scott, President of NBCU Foundations, Comcast
Dalila Wilson-Scott stands at the forefront of digital media consumption and innovation. She shares how experiences shape who we are. She also discuss how Comcast is leveraging technology for good and changing the way people experience the world.

Tara Leweling, VP of Stakeholder Relations and Thought Leadership, Allstate
Tara Leweling discusses how Allstate is creating community leaders out of employees and personalizing experiences beyond just insurance coverage.

Sjoerd Ghering, VP of Talent Acquisition, Johnson & Johnson
Talent is the most important concept for Johnson & Johnson. In 2017, it filled over 28,000 roles across the globe. Sjoerd Ghering shares with us how the company designs experiences to find and retain the best talent for its brand.

Mick Ebeling, Founder, Not Impossible Labs
Mick Ebeling tells us about how Not Impossible is changing the world through technology and story. His team of punk rock, “Robin Hood”-like hackers/engineers travel the world searching for “absurdities” and create solutions that accomplish a specific social need, he says.

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP
Integration is key for a multibranded company such as WPP. Listen in as Sir Martin Sorrell discusses how each function of a brand comes together to produce an integrated solution that works more efficiently for its clients.

Vikrum Aiye, Head of Global Public Policy, Postmates
Vikrum Aiyer shares his thoughts on what it means to be experience-driven. He talks about how brands need to use their “superpower for good,” and how Postmates used logistics to provide relief for evacuees from recent disasters.

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