The State Of Creativity And Design-Led Thinking

Let’s put the art vs. science debate to rest once and for all: Both are two halves of the digital transformation whole happening industrywide. This month’s focus on the former, however, is our tip of the beret to a new type of thinking that applies core design principles at the very foundation of digital strategy. It’s process-oriented, experience-focused, agile, and iterative. 

Stroke of brand genius? For those embracing creativity and design-led thinking, absolutely. And, as you’ll soon read, even the data bears it out.  

What It Means To Be A Design-Led Business

As organizations revamp their strategies from product-first to customer-first, they are quickly learning that some of the tried-and-true principles of design are now critical components of the overall customer experience strategy.

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What’s In A Brand? How To Define Your Visual Identity

Your visual identity comprises your logo, imagery, typography, colors, and creative design. It’s easy enough to list them out, but how do you get to the heart of how these elements communicate to your customers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be loyal to you?

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Actor Jon Favreau: ‘You Don’t Learn From Your Successes’

Powerhouse creative forces from the fine arts, media, music, and film industries graced the stage Thursday at Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference, in Las Vegas, to talk about what it means to be creative, how they get inspired, and the role of technology in today’s creative world.

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Adobe Stock’s Top 10 Visual Trends Of 2017

Visual elements, as well as the people creating them, factor heavily in a winning customer experience. What should organizations be considering?

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Not Your Grandfather’s Advertising

Throughout the region, brands are understanding the need to diversify their campaign content and smash stereotypes.

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Thomas Andrews And The Well-Designed, Badly Built Boat

On April 15, 1912, talented naval architect Thomas Andrews stood on the deck of a ship he himself had designed: a 60,000-ton behemoth carrying 2,200 passengers from Southampton to New York. Like so many designers, he had begrudgingly come to terms with the various compromises that had been made between his original design and the final product.

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Design Thinking

What separates design-led businesses from the pack? The following stats paint a clear picture of their commonalities.

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How Experience Design Can Help Win Customers’ Hearts And Minds

The first step was creating spaces of value that will become the subject of customers’ conversations and entice them to come back. But how do you approach the design of the experience itself?

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How 3 Brands Are Using AI To Enhance Their Creativity 

We are now knee-deep in the artificial intelligence revolution—one so big that it has been compared to the invention of electricity. And it’s helping to create experiences that were never imaginable before.

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India Innovates Around IoT

Here is how three brands in India are creatively using the internet of things to deliver potentially game-changing solutions.

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Death Of The Department

Design professionals are moving away from singular specializations and toward a broader understanding and appreciation of multiple fields. Welcome to the age of the digital polymath.

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‘The User Takes Centre Stage,’ Say U.K.’s Leading Designers

How is the growing emphasis on online CX affecting designers’ work? What is the impact of increased personalisation and deeper knowledge of customers? Industry leaders from across the U.K. tell all.

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The 21st Century Renaissance Is Here, Says Adobe CEO

“We are living in an incredible time,” Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told the 12,000 attendees at Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference, in Las Vegas. “It’s the dawn of the 21st Century Renaissance.”

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In Pictures: The Best From Adobe MAX

For those who couldn’t make it—and for those who did and want to share their experiences—we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite MAX moments.

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At Adidas, Design Gets A VIP Seat At The Table

Entire industries are transformed when design leads, according to Adobe executive creative director Steve Gustavson, who spoke Wednesday afternoon at Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference, in Las Vegas.

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Anything Is Possible In The Age Of Digital Design

Digital technology continues to disrupt almost every aspect of our lives. In doing so, it has ushered in perhaps its most exciting phase, where the worlds of digital, physical, and biological can be fully integrated through digital design.

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Science Shows: The Marketing Gut Is Not Dead

Some say that data-driven marketing gives us all the answers and we don’t need all that creative crap. Don’t be fooled. Data inspires ideas. Metrics drive creativity. They are not mutually exclusive.

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Wunderman’s Lincoln Bjorkman Is Always About What’s Next

Lincoln Bjorkman, global chief creative officer at the WPP-owned digital agency, leads 2,000-plus creatives worldwide. So naturally he has plenty of insight about the impact of digital transformation on the creative role.

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‘All Media Is Digital Media,’ Says Leo Burnett’s CEO

Remember how marketing departments used to operate in silos, meaning digital teams versus traditional teams? A similar “false construct” now exists between digital and non-digital creatives, according to Leo Burnett North America CEO Andrew Swinand.

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Design Thinking: The Shiny Silver Dollar Of Innovation

Thinking differently means tapping into many talent streams: the inventiveness of a startup, the engineering of a platform, the hope of an incubator, and the imagination of an agency.

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The Art Of The Beautiful Experience

We don’t usually associate business with beauty, rather with profit and revenue. But we should. Companies that deliver beautiful products, experiences, services, and culture are the future.

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Digital Tech Keeps Supervixen Super Creative

Agencies that fully embrace technology and embed it into their creative processes are gaining a big advantage over their peers.

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Successful Creatives Share This Trait

Jonathan Cude, chief creative officer of McKinney, also singles out “the greatest differentiator” in the advertising and marketing industry.

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Jump-Start Creativity With An Expansive View Of Who You Hire

I would like to make an immodest proposal: When it comes to finding and hiring new talent, toss most of the top applicants’ résumés out the window.

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Rise Of The Creative Collective

Empowered by technological, economic, and generational changes, freelancers are pulling together their talents and forming creative collectives. What does this mean for brands and the marketing industry?

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Amazing Digital Design Starts With Real-Life Conversations

Adam Faulkner, experience design director at digital branding agency Blueegg, has developed a distinct approach to understanding customer and user experience. 

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How Workplace Design Impacts Experience (Podcast)

“Space is becoming an integral piece of an organization’s brand,” with an undeniable impact on both the customer and employee experience, according to Tangram CMO Paul Smith.

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Design-Led Businesses Do These Three Things Right

Design plays a huge role in getting customer experiences right. It also is proving to be a tremendous business advantage for firms that see design as a strategic differentiator for the organization.

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How Design-Led Publishers Break Through The Clutter

From websites to blogs to social media, anyone with an idea has the ability to instantly express it to a worldwide audience—making it harder for traditional M&E brands stand out.

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Why Creatives Embrace Failure—And Why You Should, Too

Yes, there are industries where personal harm, safety, and security warrant a more hardlined aversion to risk. Still, it is clear that there is a calculable benefit to embracing risk and eventual failure as a necessity for innovation.

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