15 Mind Blowing Stats About Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is permeating business, as companies realize the benefits and cost savings of smart automation. 

Chatbots, which are nowadays powered by AI, provide opportunities across a vast array of industries. Retailers are using them to power customer service inquiries. The travel and hospitality industry is making booking easier though the use of chatbots, and from a B2B perspective, software and service companies are employing chatbots to simplify product research. 

1. By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse, according to Gartner.

2. 80% of businesses plan to have chatbots by 2020.

3. 40% of millennials claim to use chatbots daily. Generally speaking, 25% of consumers use chatbots every day.

4. There are well over 100,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

5. Gartner predicts that just 33% of all customer service interactions as still needing a human intermediary by end of year, down from nearly 60% in 2014.

6.  A study by Digitas LBi found that nearly one in three (28%) Americans with household incomes of $100,000 and over find it invasive that chatbots can remember past interactions and store a customer’s previous purchase history and personal preferences.

7. According to DigitasLBi, more than half of Americans (59%) have or would be willing to communicate with chatbots to either receive offers and coupons (36%), receive recommendations or advice (37%), and/or conduct online banking (14%).

8. DigitasLBi also found that nearly three quarters of Americans (73%) reveal that they would likely not use a company’s chatbot again after having a bad experience with it. 

9.A significant majority (60%) of consumers who believe they have interacted with a chatbot knew they were communicating with one because of the robotic and artificial nature of the responses, DigitasLBi's study found

10. When asked how likely they are to purchase items and services from brands via chatbots, 67% said they are likely to do so, with 36% of that group calling it “very likely.”

11. 24% of consumers said ease of use was the most valuable aspect of their chatbot experience. 21% said getting an answer quickly was the most valuable aspect. 

12. Customer expectations for chatbots are: basic customer service inquiries (51%), product research (48%), and making a reservation (45%).

13. Customers actually prefer chatbots over humans to check their order status (46% vs. 39%). And 42% prefer a chatbots to humans (39%) to do product research. 

14. Facebook Messenger alone has 1 billion monthly active users that send upwards of 60 billion chat messages a day. 

15. Among those who have tried chatbots before, just 21% have had negative experiences, with accuracy stated as the biggest hurdle (55%). 

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