12 Tips For Mastering Your Mobile UX Design

U.S. consumers now spend five hours a day on their mobile devices, two hours, 25 minutes of which are spent engaging with mobile apps.  

So if you’re not thinking about the customer experience before you start designing a new mobile app, it’s time to start. The most important factor to keep in mind, according to a new report by Adobe, is to ensure the app is both useful and intuitive for your users. Otherwise, it has no practical value.

At the same time, if the app is useful but requires a lot of time and effort, people won’t bother learning how to use it. Good design has a clear focus on key users goals and removes all obstacles by bringing clarity to the user interface.

That’s the big picture. Now it’s time to drill down on 12 specific UX design principles that work together to create a great mobile user experience.

1. Declutter your user interface.
2. Design for interruption.
3. Make navigation self-evident.
4. Making a great first impression.
5. Align with device conventions.
6. Design finger-friendly tap-targets.
7. Design controls based on hand position.
8. Create a seamless experience.
9. Use subtle animation and micro-interactions.
10. Focus on readability.
11. Don't interrupt your users.
12. Refine your design based on user testing.

For details on each:

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