ADI: Consumers Spending Less Time On Websites Across All Industries

Today’s digital landscape is a battle for time and attention, according to the Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) “U.S. Best Of The Best” report, which found that time spent (minutes per month) on websites was down across all industries.

“The need for differentiated experiences has never been greater,” said Catherine Diaz, senior analysis manager at ADI. “The battle is on for consumer time in a highly competitive landscape. Consumers are surrounded with options in this always-on world, and marketers need to surprise and delight their customers in order to win their time.”

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Diaz said one reason time spent could be down is because the most successful companies have likely optimized their website experience to save people time when they are trying to complete tasks online. “The Best Of The Best” series of reports by ADI analyzes the performance of companies using Adobe Marketing Cloud that rank in the top 20% of fellow Adobe clients in their industry, based on a variety of key performance metrics.

Despite time spent being down, visit rates are up 4% year-over-year (YoY) across all industries; that might also be an indication of better and more time-efficient website experiences. Finance saw the highest average visit rate, at 1.88 visits per month. 

Additionally, both desktop and mobile conversion grew in 2016, up 17% YoY in retail and 15% YoY in travel. Smartphone conversion increased 24% YoY in retail and a whopping 42% YoY in travel.

To no one’s surprise, smartphone share of visits increased 18% YoY in all industries. The “Best Of The Best,” however, outperformed their peers by an average 53% across industries. Marketers looking for mobile best practices could start with the M&E industry, Diaz said. “The top 20 M&E companies are setting the standard for mobile strategy,” she said. “Sixty percent of their traffic comes from smartphones.”

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