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How Workplace Design Impacts Experience

This article is part of CMO.com’s October series about creativity and design-led thinking. Click here for more.

Paul Smith is the CMO at Tangram, a Los Angeles-based company that designs and creates workplaces with the core belief that collaboration and a people-focused approach are the fuel for innovation.

During this week’s Marketing Today podcast, Smith spoke about what he believes are the keys for success: authenticity and being true to a company’s culture. For Smith, they go hand in hand.

“More and more brands are culture-based,” he said. “They’re a direct reflection of who we hire, how we work, and who we want to recruit. So when you build your space, it’s not just about putting your colors on the wall ... it’s about creating an environment that enables your people to live and breathe the message and the mission of your organization—and making sure you’re authentically living the brand and culture you’re trying to promote.”

He also touched on something that has defined his approach and fuels him to this day: “the constant desire to keep learning, to keep experimenting, but to do it in such a way that it doesn’t become a financial burden for an organization.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • A shift from look and feel to a human focus: Smith discusses the role of design in a company’s goals. (1:37)
  • From logos, fonts, and colors to a company’s space: Brand authenticity through the physical experience. (4:22)
  • Interior design: Smith talks about managing stakeholders when designing a space. (8:39)
  • Marketing and B2B companies: A two-tiered approach. (10:50)
  • Smith on the importance of balance in the CMO role. (13:17)
  • Why Smith admires Patagonia. (17:31)

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