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‘Fully Commit To Content Marketing Or Just Buy Ads’

Dressed in trademark orange garb, Joe Pulizzi, the “godfather of content marketing,” took the stage at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, early this morning, to welcome some 3,500 attendees from 60 countries to the 2016 edition of Content Marketing World.

Pulizzi began his keynote with this sobering piece of information, taken from the Content Marketing Institute’s most recent research: Only 20% of content marketers are fully committed to a content marketing approach, which means that 80% are somewhat committed.

“What does somewhat committed mean?” he rhetorically asked the audience. “It means you are creating marketing collateral, not creating new stories and attracting a new audience. Meh. Believe me, creating mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all. So do nothing at all if you are not going to be fully committed to that approach.”

Pulizzi drove the point home by acknowledging that it’s tough and hard to do, but you have to be all in or the content-marketing approach won’t work.

“Just go buy ads,” he concluded.

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