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Your First 100 Days: A Framework For CMO Success

Congratulations! You are now officially the first head of marketing at a new organization. They may call you a VP or CMO, but, either way, it’s an exciting time. The company is on a fast-growth trajectory; it just raised a new round of funding, and the board is ready to put its foot on the gas. And one of the most logical ways to accomplish that is through hiring a marketing leader to drive these efforts.

Just as the “first hundred days” of a U.S. president’s first term are a powerful time, it’s also the best time for you to put forth your ideas and set the stage for marketing’s long-term success. 

It’s difficult to not become overwhelmed by the enormity of what you are about to undertake; believe me, I’ve been there. My advice: Break down the job into its most important components. My 100-day plan, comprised of five high-level stages, aims to help you get your marketing machine up and running. In addition, this framework will enable you to set expectations and ensure you are taking the time to thoughtfully craft a plan, rather than diving in and tactically executing.

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