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Brideson: Marketing Has Not Evolved As Women Have Evolved

Women account for more than 50% of the global population, yet in the world of marketing, they remain underrepresented in the boardroom and on the drawing board.

Estimated to be worth some $28 trillion of a $35 trillion global consumer economy, it’s undeniable that women, as a demographic, hold the consumer economy’s purse strings. In fact, women are so powerful as a consumer group that they could easily bring the world’s most powerful companies to their knees, said consultant and “marketing-to-women pioneer” Bec Brideson.

“I believe that marketing needs to catch up with the social evolution that women are influencers and that we prefer to be connected to in a different way than we’ve all been taught to market,” she said. “Marketing has to evolve in the same way that women have evolved.”

Listen to this episode of The CMO Show as Brideson shares insights from her professional experience in marketing. She sheds light on the huge gender gaps in the marketing industry–both in terms of career opportunities and campaign creation.

The CMO Show is a podcast about brand storytelling and the future of marketing. To listen to previous episodes, visit the website or follow along on iTunes or SoundCloud.   

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