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Post-Z: Meet Generation Alpha

While marketers, demographers, and workplace professionals are still trying to understand the habits of Millennials and Generation Z, a new cohort is already taking form: Generation Alpha.

Today, we watch as toddlers carry around smartphones and tablets, tapping away at screens and swiping through apps. But this is so much more than just a cute cultural phenomenon. What we are really watching is the shaping of our future global workforce.

Generation Alpha, a group that is completely immersed in technology, is breaking the mold previously set in place by Millennials and Generation Z. And even though many of its members are still in diapers and learning how to walk, it’s important to take them seriously and start planning for what lies ahead.

Here are some numbers and stats you and your company should understand about this emerging and influential cohort.

Click on infographic to enlarge or here to download a PDF.

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