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How This Hollywood Screenwriter Became A ‘Brand Narrative Guy’

From writing Hollywood films to shaping powerful brand narratives, author Richard Krevolin certainly knows how to craft a good story.

While Krevolin was a screenwriting professor at USC, dinner with the CMO of Unilever’s hair-care division turned into a trip around the world and the discovery of a newfound passion. His task: to aid Unilever’s marketing team in telling authentic stories about women’s hair-care problems in 30-second TV spots. That assignment changed the direction of his career.

Krevolin recently published a book detailing his storytelling tactics, titled “The Hook: How to Share Your Brand’s Unique Story to Engage Customers, Boost Sales, and Achieve Heartfelt Success.” He champions a simple formula that ensures a brand's story aligns with its DNA and elicits the right emotional response from consumers. 

“My definition of a good story is information wrapped in emotion,” Krevolin said.   

Other highlights from this week’s episode of Marketing Superstars include:

  • Defining your brand’s DNA (6:30)
  • Translating brand DNA to the digital sphere (13:30)
  • Creating emotional connections (16:00)
  • Fostering a culture of inclusion (18:48)

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